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À la carte

All pasta dishes and pizzas can be ordered gluten-free and lactose-free.

Starters & Soups

Scampi all aglio

Garlic fried scampi with sambal and parsley, served with garlic bread.

SEK 181

Caesar salad

Caesar salad with chicken, croutons and grated grana padano

SEK 178

Mozzarella Caprese

Mozzarella and tomato salad with fresh basil.

SEK 118

Pane all aglio

Garlic bread with rocket cherry tomatoes.

SEK 68

Insalata mista di stagione

Mixed salad

SEK 106

Carpaccio with arugula

Classic carpaccio with olive oil, parmesan, arugula and lemon.

SEK 199

Antipasto Misto

Mixed Italian charcuterie.

SEK 195

Bruschetta al pomodoro

Tomato, onion, basil, garlic and olive oil.

SEK 106

Bresaola Con Arugula E Grana Padano

Air-dried beef with arugula and grana padano.

SEK 185

Verdure Grigliate

Grillad grönsaker, zucchini, aubergin och paprika med olivolja

SEK 118


Penne alla fillet di maiale

Pork fillet with Portabella mushrooms, cream, Dijon mustard and tarragon.

SEK 233

Penne al pollo

Shredded chicken fillet, sun-dried tomatoes, leeks, spinach, olive oil and cream

SEK 232

Penne all carne

Shredded beef fillet, fresh mushrooms, garlic, cream, tomato and chili pepper topped with mozzarella.

SEK 244

Pasta Dolce Vita

Sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, prosciutto ham and cocktail mozzarella.

SEK 240

Penne Vegetarian

Eggplant, onion, zuccini, mushrooms, a splash of cream and tomato sauce.

SEK 226

Spaghetti Carbonara

Bacon, black pepper, egg yolk and cream sauce.

SEK 220

Tortelloni all Gorgonzola

Large pasta pillows filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. Served with gorgonzola sauce.

SEK 232

Tortelloni all sage

Eggplant, onion, zuccini, mushrooms, a splash of cream and tomato sauce.

SEK 234

Fettuccine all Salmone

Salmon pieces, white wine, garlic, chilli, spinach, leek, tomato, cream.

SEK 237

Spaghetti frutti di mare

Marinated seafood scampi, baby octopus, squid rings, blue and green mussels garlic, chili pepper, white wine and tomato sauce.

SEK 244

Fettuccine all Avocado

Ribbon spaghetti avocado hand peeled shrimp black caviar garlic chili pepper white wine and cream sauce.

SEK 244

Linguini with Scampi and Gozze

Linguini with Scampi mussels garlic chilli cherry tomatoes olive oil and parsley.

SEK 244

Lasagna al forno

Delicious lasagna with juicy minced meat and creamy bechamel sauce.

SEK 220

Spaghetti Bolognese

Meat sauce.

SEK 214

Pasta del Maestro

Scampi, zucchini, mushrooms, leek, garlic, chilli, tomato and cream

SEK 244

Fettuccine all Peppino

Chicken, spinach, leek, curry and cream.

SEK 234

Vegan pasta

Pasta Modena

Eggplant, zucchini, paprika, onion, mushrooms, garlic, chilli, tomato, vegan cream.

SEK 220


Pasta Teramo

Sun-dried tomatoes, leeks, spinach, olive oil, garlic, chilli.

SEK 230


Pasta Vegan Pollo

Vegan chicken, mushrooms, paprika, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, chilli, vegan cream.

SEK 230


Carni - Meat dishes

Plank roast

Succulent plank steak with well-grilled meat and fresh, tasty vegetables.

SEK 344

Scaloppine di Maiale

Pork fillet served with sautéed vegetables and tarragon sauce, with potatoes of your choice.

SEK 304

Bistecca ai ferri

Beef steak with three different sauces, sauteed vegetables and potatoes of your choice.

SEK 344

Filetto ai ferri

Grilled beef fillet with three different sauces, sautéed vegetables served with potatoes of your choice.

SEK 370

Filet d'agnello all Aglio

Roast lamb tenderloin with garlic, sauteed vegetables and potato gratin.

SEK 360

Filet al pepe

Pepper steak with cognac, green pepper and sautéed vegetables. Served with potatoes of your choice.

SEK 370

Entrécote di Vitello

Veal Entrécote with chilli bearnaise and sauteed vegetables and fries.

SEK 350

Filet mignon i.e

Beef fillet medallions with sautéed vegetables, parmesan sauce and potatoes of your choice

SEK 360

Pesce - Fish

Salmone alla Italiana

Chanterelle pesto, overbaked salmon butterfly with creamy lobster sauce served with herb tossed pasta.

SEK 316

Scampi all aglio

Garlic fried scampi, blue and green mussels with chilli parsley garlic bread and herb tossed pasta.

SEK 335


All pizzas can be ordered gluten-free, SEK 15 extra.


Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple.

SEK 166


Tomato sauce, cheese, ham.

SEK 165

Tomato sauce, cheese.

Tomato sauce, cheese.

SEK 162


Tomato sauce, cheese, ham (baked).

SEK 165

The baker's special

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, bresaola and arugula salad.

SEK 187


Tomato sauce, cheese, grilled zucchini and eggplant, mushrooms, garlic and arugula salad.

SEK 188


Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, fresh tomatoes and arugula salad.

SEK 188


Tomato sauce, cheese, green pesto, fresh mushrooms, beef fillet.

SEK 188


Tomato sauce, cheese, gorgonzola, beef fillet and fresh basil.

SEK 188

Mezza Luna

Baked side with tomato sauce, cheese, ham, second half with arugula salad and Parma ham.

SEK 186


Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms.

SEK 169


Tomato sauce, cheese, anchovies, olives.

SEK 165


Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, prawns.

SEK 168

Beef Fillet Pizza

Tomato sauce, cheese, beef fillet, béarnaise, paprika, fresh mushrooms.

SEK 187

Quattro Stagioni

Tomato sauce, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms, prawns, mussels, artichoke bases, olives.

SEK 171

Smile boss

Tomato sauce, cheese, olives, onions and Italian salami.

SEK 169

Quattro Formaggio

Tomato sauce, four different cheeses - cream cheese, gorgonzola, mozzarella, sheep's cheese, fresh tomatoes and olives.

SEK 182

Fruit of the sea

Tomato sauce, cheese, squid, scampi, small mussels, crab, prawns, garlic and sambal.

SEK 188

Pizza Dolce Vita

Tomato sauce, cheese, grilled zucchini, eggplant, onion, beef fillet and fresh garlic.

SEK 188


Tomato sauce, cheese, onions, fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, artichokes and olives.

SEK 166

Vegan pizza


Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, vegan ham, mushrooms and arugula.

SEK 168



Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, vegan salami, olives, onions, tomatoes.

SEK 173



Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, vegan ham, mushrooms. (Baked)

SEK 183



Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, grilled zucchini, aubergines, mushrooms, garlic, arugula.

SEK 187



Tomato sauce, vegan cheese, grilled zucchini, aubergines, mushrooms, garlic, arugula.

SEK 187


Children's menu

Spaghetti Bolgonese

SEK 128

Baby steak with fries

SEK 158

Children's pizza

SEK 128


Chocolate fondant

With raspberry mirror.

SEK 93

La Catalana

Vanilla ice cream with roasted walnuts and crisp sauce. Served in a ceramic mug.

SEK 98

Sorbet of the week

SEK 93

Gelato Misto Italiana

Italian mixed ice cream "a must for all ice cream lovers".

SEK 97


"Pick me up" Italian specialty dessert.

SEK 104

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